Thursday, May 28, 2009

Just a note to say....

Wind Up Pot Luck Dinner/Meeting JUNE 8TH

I'm packing to leave for Spokane and looking at my calendar at the same time. I'm thinking it might be a good idea to remind everyone our wind-up meeting/pot luck dinner is the second Monday of the month, not the first as it would normally be. Everybody show up at Elvi's on JUNE 8TH at 6 p.m. (not June 1st.) If you missed the May meeting, you may not realize we're doing this to accommodate several of our members who are attending conferences during the first week of June, both in Alberta and Washington. We'll have lots to talk about, I'm sure, hearing about everyone's workshops and seminars. Hope all have a wonderful time! Brevity will rule at our meeting, to leave more time for socializing and enjoying each other's company!

Continuing Guild Activities During Summer
Regarding our informal plans to try to keep some guild activities going during the summer, we'll keep everyone up to date by the email or the blog. If you have anything you wish to do during the summer such as have a spin in, putting the dye pot on or whatever, just let me know. I'll fan out a group member email to inform everyone. Just let me know.

Library Books!
Also a reminder to those who still have library books out, please, please, return them by the June meeting. If you can't seem to get to the guild room, bring them to the meeting. I'm sure Darlene will be more than happy to take them off your hands. Darlene and her helpers will be doing a huge new reorganizing and inventory of our library this summer and we need all books to be back on the shelves. The return of all books will be greatly appreciated.

As well, Fibres Unlimited will not be meeting during the day of our meeting, as they normally do. It will be too difficult for members to bring their pot luck with them, so we'll bypass it this time around.

Looking forward to seeing you all at Elvi's for supper! Take care.Jg

Support Spinning

At Gloria's 'knit in' last Monday Judith demonstrated support spinning which she had just learnt at a workshop held in Alberta a few days before. The Russian born teacher actually makes the 'support spinners' (equipment not people!). They produce very fine yarn, yards and yards. I am sure Judith would tell you all about them.
There was not a lot of knitting produced that day, instead we took a walk outside and visited this years Angora kids, Highland Cattle and chicks. As well as the animals Gloria spends a lot of time in her beautiful garden which is just really springing into life.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Minutes of May Meeting

Minutes of the Shuswap Spinners and WeaversMay 4, 2009
19 members present
Welcome to new member Melissa Nasby
1. Correction to the minutes of April 2009. Rental of reeds should be $5.00 per month. Minutes of the April meeting adopted as amended by Darlene. Marcie seconded. Carried
2. Gudie moved the Treasurer's report be adopted, Wendy seconded. Carried
3. Library - New magazines - Handwoven and Spin-Off in. Discussion of what to do about overdue,overdue books. Offenders to be charged for replacement of books and magazines at the current price.As Darlene will be doing a complete inventory, please have all library materials returned by the end of June.
4..Fibres Unlimited - The big loom is threaded for overshot runners and a warp for fish will be on the #3 loom. Judith hopes to look into an instructional guide for "Magic in the Water" in June.
5. Workshop- Leno workshop given by Gudrun June 11 a Piccadilly Mall (10AM - )
6. Christmas Sale- Theme is Snowflakes.
7.Sheep to Shawl - Team consists of Spinners - Shirley, Gloria, Denise, Mona, Melissa, Weaver- Sharon. Spinning proficiency convener is Gloria, Judith to be the judge.Anne will be the emcee.
Old BusinessThank you to Anne for putting together a welcome package for new members consisting to a brochure , membership application, membership list and library and equipment rental rates.
New Business
1. Spin - Ins May 9 at Clare'sMay 28 at Anne's (7-9pm)
2. Potluck supper June 8 at Elvi's 6:00 pm
3. Judy Linkletter donated some old magazines.
4. A spinning wheel given by the Guild to John Low was auctioned and the money raised given to missionaries in Ethopia
5. Spinning in Public Day June 13 - Gudie to look after either a venue at the Ross Street parking lot or at Piccadilly Mall
6. Anne and Gabriele offered to help at Wednesday at the Wharf.
7. Sharon talked to the IPE about our location and that we liked being where it was clean, dry and secured.
8. Membership dues can be paid at the June meeting.
9. Show and Tell
10. Program- Gudie showed a segment of the video "Real Men Knit"
11. Meeting adjourned.

Monday, May 11, 2009

For Sale

Walking Wheel (Wool) Spinning Wheel
Large antique spinning wheel from the farmhouse of the late D.K McDougal, which is approximately 8 miles northeast of Cornwall, Ontario. Still useable though it is l20-150 years old. It is of museum quality as certified by a B.C. appraiser from B.C. Serious inquiries only please. 250-804-0058.
( This wheel lives in Salmon Arm)

Spinning at Harmonious Homestead and ewe

'What's going on'


Tuesday 19 ‘Knit in’ at Glorias 10-2.

22 - 24 Olds

Thursday 28 ‘Spin in’ at Anns 7pm.

28 - 31 ANWG


Monday 8 Potluck at Elvis 6pm.

11, Leno Weaving Workshop.

Saturday 13 ‘Public knit in day’ TBA

19 - 23 Gibsons

2 - 6 IPE

11-13 Salmon Arm Fall Fair.

Show and Tell

Mona is wearing her purple/pink suit and holding her grand neices quilt of which both she made.

Yarns and crocheted bags made by Melissa. (Below) a selection of this months show and tell.


As you all know, Gudrun announced at the meeting that she was finally finished her large tapestry that she has been working on. Many of us have seen this as "a work in progress" at various stages of its journey and I'm sure we'll see it in its finished form soon. But if you want to see a real early sneak peak treat, go to Susan Harvey's blog and have a look at her blog piece on Gudrun. It is a breath-taking beautiful tapestry!

Just click on Susan's blog link on the left-hand side of this page and you'll can get an early preview.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Christmas Sale 2009

SAGA has confirmed the date for our sale is SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 2009. Mark that on your calendars! Keeping our Christmas Sale in the front of our minds throughout the year really helps. Our Christmas sales are always so beautiful and successful, but we directly owe that to the beautiful product our members bring in. Without that, we have no sale. I'm sure we'll hear the looms humming along, the wheels spinning and the needles clicking away making beautiful things. Don't forget the theme is SNOWFLAKES! Hopefully, we'll see them everywhere!(I mean, of course, the indoor variety of snowflakes, not the outside variety!)