Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Linen Rugs

Someone expressed an interest in rugs to me so I am sending pictures of the linen rugs, very coarse and thick, that I saw on my trip. The first picture is from Grand Forks. The three pictures following are from Castlegar. They are very thick – I would not have wanted to weave that coarse a fabric but I guess they would wear well! I also was amazed at the colours in the rugs as well but couldn’t find out much about how they were dyed etc.
Anyway I hope the guild finds them interesting. Cheers. Jean

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Jean's Doukhobor Trip. Grand Forks Museum

The photos in this and next 2 posts are taken by Jean. Thank you.

Grand Forks Museum. Children were encouraged to feel various fleeces lined up in large containers in the hall to guess what animal they came from There were about ten jars I believe. They were also encouraged to try their hand at a loom set up for weaving a rag rug.


At Castlegar there was a communal house with wonderful exhibits. The last one being a wedding dress for a young woman. Fascinating place with a statue of Tolstoy in the garden. He was the Russian who helped this sect escape from religious persecution in Russia.

Selkirk Guild

The last pictures are of the Selkirk Guild. This guild has a large room in one of the buildings on the grounds of the restored Doukhobor village site. There was some lovely weaving and one of the members was weaving at the time. I had a chance to talk to her and she was telling me they have a study group. There were several small looms threaded at the time and one large one as well. She was busy winding a warp and preparing to thread a loom. Cheers. Jean