Monday, October 18, 2010

New blog

Well I did not realize i had not posted to the blog that long, but the computer would not move but now I have a new one.
Elections were held at the October guild meeting.
New positions are president Gabrielle Clark,
secretary Liz Borthwich
contact Sharon Wickstrom
blog Margaret Fryatt
We have a new blog at

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Polish Felter

Katarzyna was cycling by with her husband this afternoon and had to call in when she saw the sheep in the field. "Are you a felter?" she asked my husband."No I am a Fensom!". A polish girl, living in Ireland staying with her husband's uncle in Salmon Arm and wanted to felt. She is only here for a few days so asked if she would be coming back "No, I do not like Canada" "Why?" "I don't like the food"!
Take a look at her work

Monday, June 21, 2010

Movie set request for old fibre related tools.

Hello everyone, Mona has had the below two emails sent to her through ANWG (because she is our rep). As a matter of interest, we thought we should forward it on to all of you, just in case one of you might want to look into this. Mona and I have no other information other than what is in the emails below and have no idea about their credibility and cannot, of course, vouch for them. If you would like more information on this movie company and their request, there is a telephone number and email address included. Might be kind of
interesting!! jg ______________________________________________________From: Elizabeth Roberts Date: Thu, Jun 17, 2010 at 3:01 Subject: seeking 'props' for our movie set..
Hello,just working on a movie, looking for a collection of antique orold-looking shirring, spinning& weaving tools. Can you put me in touch with one of your members who mightlike to rent or sell some such items?Thank you for your assistance.Elizabeth
-- Elizabeth RobertsSet Buyercell: (778) 772 2996
RED RIDING HOODRandom Films Inc.8035 Glenwood Drive, 2nd FloorBurnaby, BCV3N 5C8
fx: (604) 525 5865ph: (604) 637 0265______________________________________________ Thank you for forwarding our request.
Our film shoots from beginning of July through September, and we wouldlikely need the items for most of the duration. At the end of the film theProduction Companies often prefer to hold onto the Inventoried Items forsome time in case of re-shoots, etc. Set Dec Sales are usually minimallyadvertised and if we've moved onto another show, often don't hear about themourselves!
I look forward to hearing from some of your colleagues.
Thanks again.
Elizabeth RobertsSet Buyercell: (778) 772 2996
RED RIDING HOODRandom Films Inc.8035 Glenwood Drive, 2nd FloorBurnaby, BC

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer 'spin in', 'knit ins'

Tuesday 15th June 'spin in' at Gabi's. 10 -2. Cedar Grove Nature retreat 2920 White Lake road.

Sunday 11th July 'spin in' at Haney Heritage Village. 10 - ? Dress old fashioned.
Saturday 24th July 'spin in' at Margaret's.

Thursday 12th August 'spin in' at Sharon's. 10 - 2. Meeting to discuss the fairs.
Tuesday 17th August 'spin in knit in' at Darlene's. 10-2.

IPE 1st-5th.
Salmon Arm Fall Fair 10 - 12.

Looms, looms and more looms

I was asked by a dear lady down in Chilliwack if I'd come and take some photos and put an ad in our blog re this great loom which she is selling. She's now living in a "walled city" for seniors and simply doesn't have room. It is a great 8-harness loom with lots of bells and whistles - includes some AVL end-feed shuttles, the warping mill, tool shelf, bench and a few reeds! Her contact number is 250-703-0029 for more information. I hope we can find this loom a new home. Sharon

Here's the info on my loom: 36" leclerc floor loom $350.00 includes 8 dent reed, bobbins, shuttles, bobbin winder, skein winder, warping board, bench selection of yarns Judy 250-832-2195
Our good friend Shawn Martin phoned to say that they , Shawn and his new wife Irene, will be selling the big house and moving and that they will be selling the loom and other related bits that my friend Deb used. It is a Leclerc and it is either 36 or 45 inch..It will be going for about 200.00 or best offer.( much less probably)There is also a piano that they will give away. An old upright. If anyone is interested they can call me at 838 0232. Marcia Duthie. These items have to be picked up and the location is Westbank.

1. 4- harness, 45 inch Jack loom in good shape with two reeds, warping board and bench.$300
2. 4 - harness, 60 inch Nilus Leclerc loom. Comes with a sectional warp beam, at least one reed, tension box and extra heddles. It requires some TLC but would make a good loom for anyone interested in doing some rug weaving. $250
Call Margaret @ 250-679-2735

Sunday, May 23, 2010

May Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Shuswap Spinners and Weavers May 3, 2010. 14 members present
1. Gabriele read the minutes of the April meeting. Sharon moved they be adopted as read, Mona seconded. Carried
2. Treasurer gave her report. Also "Vav" has been renewed for 2 yrs.
3. Library - new issues of "Vav" , "Spin-off" and "Handwoven" are in.
4. Fibres Unlimited - sign up if you wish to do the supplementary warp runner.Catherine and Gudrun are working on a shawl on the big loom.
5. Christmas Sale - Nov. 27 "Stockings "To quote Gudrun " weave, weave, weave......knit, knit, knit........etc" Posters are needed for the fairs.
6. Sheep to Shawl - still need a judge
7. Ukanknits at Mona's and Spin-In at Clare's : A wonderful time was had a both!!!!
8. ANWG Contribution- It was decided to make invitation size handmade paper with thrums. Gudie would teach us, and we would work in 2 groups. At the next meeting we will decide on times in the summer to get together.
9. Potluck Dinner- June 7 at 6:oopm at Elvi's
10. Spin-In May 11 at Gloria's from 10-2
11. Ukanknits- May 17 at Catherine's 10-2
12. IPE theme this year is "Beef".
13. Thank you to Catherine for doing double duty on the goodies for this meeting.
14. Program - "Our later works"
Meeting adjourned.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

May get togethers

Tuesday 11th 'spin in' at Gloria's 10-2. Also 'flower hammering' will be available!
See Judith's e mail sent to members.
Monday 17th 'knit in' at Catherine's 10 - 2.

JUNE - Potluck is being held at Elvi's. Monday 7th at 6pm. Dinner items. yummy!

Minutes of the April meeting

Minutes of the Shuswap Spinners and Weavers April 12,2010 22 members present
Judith called the meeting to order and welcomed a guest- Kyla Turner.
1. Minutes of the April meeting adopted a printed by Noelle, Gudrun seconded. Carried
2. Treasurer gave her report. Noelle moved that we re-new our subscription to "Va" (2 yr) . Anne seconded. Carried
3. Library- An on-going list of wish books to be posted on the bulletin board. Jean donated past copies of the "Bulletin" . They will be in a binder.Also she donated some "Thread" magazine - may be had for a donation to the guild.
4. Equipment - Everything is in except for one spinning wheel.
5. Clare is looking for news items.
6. Fibres Unlimited - Enough has been woven for 21 salmon.
7. Christmas Sale - No. 27 "Stockings"
8. Mona gave a report on ANWG. It will be on the blog. Donations are being sought for goodie bags for the conference in Portland in 2011.
9. Workshops- Marcia is looking at organizing a transparency workshop s- Marcia is looking at organizing a transparency workshop with Sharon in the fall.
10 Sheep to Shawl - Spinners - Catherine, Denice, Sara, Gloria, Noelle. Weaver - Marcia Michele will look after the tea.Fall Fair theme is locally produced, locally enjoyed. Melissa offered to do signage and Anne and Noelle will help. The handbooks needs to know the times of events.
11. Ukanknits - everyone welcome
12. Elvi moved that we purchase "Handwoven Pattern Directory " by Anne Dixon. Darlene seconded. Carried
13. Spin-In April 24 at Clare's 10 -
Ukanknits April 19 at Mona's 10-2
14. Progam - The Early Works
15. Show and Tell
Next meeting May 3

Monday, April 26, 2010

May meeting

Next Monday 3rd May fibres unlimited is being held at Elvi's. The guild meeting will be held in the guild room at 7.30pm. We are going to brainstorm goodies for the ANWG conference and times for activities at the fair. Catherine and Wendy are providing the goodies. Also check your e mail from Judith about the program.

Thank you

Thank you to all of you who came to my 'spin in' at my farm Harmonious Homestead and ewe. After you all retreated home Gudie and I took cover from the rain in the shop. We were joined soon after by Gudrun and Alfred and then Kyla and her children. In between the rain showers people till visited and the shop became very warm and cosy full of people drinking tea and munching on my sheep cookies. Clare.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Pictures of April's show and tell

Melissa's felted trophy.

Felted sculpture.

'horny corn'

Sharon's weaved coat.

Marcia's silk shibori

and Judith!
( thank you Gudie for the photos)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Shrug 'Knit in'

Yesterday was a beautiful hot day so I guess most members were gardening. I arrived at Mona's to find her, Elvi and Darlene struggling to knit the shrug (pattern was e mail to you all) It did not take long before Judith came to the rescue! Thank you for the chili and cake Mona, and we look forward to seeing Darlene's and your shrug at the next meeting!!


I have update the Salmon Arm Fall Fair website address on the left and added a free pattern site from Noelle. Check them out!. This link maybe of interest to some of you. "

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Gudie's 'spin in'

Friday 9th April all of us woke up to a blanket of snow but approx 13 of us spent most of the day at Gudies. After a lunch break of Cake with rum sauce (thank you Werner) we watched the DVD of Gudie's and Werner's holiday in Colombia. I really enjoyed it and so did all as alot of questions were asked.

Looms for sale

1. 45" Four Harness Jack Style Floor Loom built by H. Luther of Lac la Hache. All hardware is from LeClerc - wire heddles, single beam, 6 treadles. Comes with 10 and 12 dent reeds, lease sticks and weaving bench. Very good condition. $350

2. 60" Nilus LeClerc Four Harness Loom. Good condition - has been stored. Has sectional warp beam and wire heddles (extra heddles included). Jack type with rising shed. Comes with tensioner, lease sticks and reed. $450

Photos available on Craig's List - Kamloops and Kelowna.

Call if you would like more information.


Friday, April 2, 2010

March meeting minutes

Minutes of the Shuswap Spinners and Weavers March 1, 2010
23 members present
Judith called the meeting to order and welcomed Linda Nichols.
1. Minutes of the February meeting adopted as printed by Noelle, Glenda seconded.
2. Noelle gave the treasurer's report.
3. Fibres Unlimited - Elvi reported that the salmon are coming along. 4-5 have been woven.
4. Workshops- Marcia suggested several workshops -boundweave, tapestry. Sharon doing a transparency workshop in the fall. If you have any requests please talk to Marcia.
5. Christmas Sale - Nov. 27,2010. "Stockings" You can never start too early.
6. Sheep to Shawl - Still need more spinners. So far only Catherine has stepped forward. Marcia will be the weaver.
7. Ukanknits gathered at the mall for heritage week.
Old Business
1. Reminder to e-mail Trixie if attending the Kalamalka Spin-In March 27. Info is on the blog.
2. Discussion of meeting times: It was decided to think about this further and make a decision later in the year before the winter months.
New Business
1. No donation to be made to ANWG
2. Next meeting - April 12, instead of April 5 (Easter Monday)
3. Spin-Ins: March 16 at Jean's 10-2March 25 at Noelle's 7-9Knit-In March 22 at Gloria's 10-2
4. Clare said that their farm Harmonious Homestead is open every Saturday in April as well as Easter Monday and April 23 (Pro D Day) . They are shearing March 3.It was decided to have a Spin-In at Clare's April 24 from 12-5.
5. Margaret is shearing March 8
6. Thank you to all those who came for heritage week.
Meeting adjourned
Show and tell
Program- Gudrun showed some great tips for warping.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

From the Vancouver Guild

Thank you for promoting Greater Vancouver Weavers and Spinners Guild news to Guild Members and your Fibre Friends.


ONE - Registration deadline is fast approaching for the Greater Vancouver Weavers and Spinners Guild's Symposium - Interlacement. Don't miss out on signing up for a workshop (or 2) and/or lecture tickets . See further INTERLACEMENT SYMPOSIUM information below

TWO - Thursday, April 15 - 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm - Ceinture Flechee presented by Erin Barley - FREE Lecture. NOTE: Presentation follows the Guild's business meeting which begins at 7:30 pm. Visitors and New Members welcome to attend! For further information please visit, email or contact Dawn at 604-576-8101. The Greater Vancouver Weavers' & Spinners' Guild meets at Aberthau, West Point Grey Community Centre, 2nd Ave at Trimble, Vancouver.

The Greater Vancouver Weavers’ and Spinners’ Guild celebrates 75 years of weaving, spinning and related arts with the INTERLACEMENT Symposium.
Join us for a week of lectures and workshops at Capilano University, North Vancouver May 17-23, 201

REGISTER NOW – CLASSES ARE FILLING. Registration will close April 15th. Don’t be disappointed,– sign-up now!

1 day to 5 day Workshops Cost: $75 per day

Basketry with Judith Olney
May 20 & 21 Introductory Basketry: Shape, Structure & Technique
May 22 & 23 Adventures for Experienced Basketmakers

Spinning with Anne Field
May 17 -– 19 Spinning Wool Beyond the Basics

Surface Design/Dyeing with Kris Abshire
May 17-– 19 The Esoteric Cloth
May 20 & 21 Serendipity in a Cup

Weaving with Cameron Taylor-Brown
May 18 -– 20 Colour In Cloth: The Weaves You Want & Why (pre workshop warping May 17)
May 17 Ready, Sett Go: Warp Sett Made Simple/Spice It Up: From Bland to Beautiful (2 short workshops in one day)

For more information, workshop and lecture descriptions, instructor bios, and how to register go to and choose the INTERLACEMENT tab.


Serendipity in a Cup - Color Essence for Hand Weavers with Kris Abshire
May 20 & 21

From the soft, muted watercolor effects of Monet to the bright, brilliant color contrast of Van Gogh, to clear and crisp edged images as in Matisse, this workshop will provide methods and techniques for applying permanent, colorfast dyes and paints to the handwoven cloth. With a “no limits” design approach in color application to both warp and weft available only to handweavers, we will explore various techniques of precise imagery as well as the freedom of serendipitous “gay abandon”.

Students will learn that using the simplest, inexpensive tools and supplies, they may apply these methods to virtually any weaving project – wearables, wall pieces, rugs, pillows, throws and jewelry. Even thrums become gorgeous possibilities.

In addition to all silk yarns for dyeing, each student will be provided all workshop dyes, their own personal "color wheel" dye kit to take home, class handouts with instructions, resource references, and bibliography of suggested reading. This is a two-day “no loom” class where you concentrate on color play!

Introductory Basketry: Shape, Structure & Technique with Judith Olney
May 20 & 21

Have you always wanted to learn how to make baskets? Visit Judith's website to see photos of what you will make in this class. Note: first two images on her website are the baskets you will be making. All materials will be provided by Judith in the materials fee.

Features international and local textile experts. All lectures in Cedar 148, Capilano University at 7 PM.

Lecture Tickets: $10/ lecture OR $50/6 lectures

May 17 My Life in Fibre – Cameron Taylor-Brown, California
May 18 Beautiful and Brainy – Mary Frame, West Vancouver
May 19 The Esoteric Cloth – Secrets of a Weaver – Kris Abshire, Alaska
May 20 Contemporary Maori Textile Art – Anne Field, New Zealand
May 21 Weaving with Pixels: Contemporary Jacquard Textiles – Kaija Rautianinen, Vancouver
May 22 Bauhaus Influence on Textile Design – James Koehler, New Mexico

For more information, workshop and lecture descriptions, instructor bios, and how to register
go to and choose interlacement tab.

Gudrun's upholstery weaving material

What's knitting at knit ins!

The last 'knit in' was at Gloria's. Here is a list of everyone's creations.
Marcia and Wendy were both knitting cotton sleeveless sweaters.
Gloria - Thrummed mitts.
Judith - Catherdal mitts.
Darlene - 'boobs'
Mona - Scarf.
Clare - Sucky thrum miits.
Ann and Elvi were both spinning. Ann was spinning some Aurellia corriedale 29 microns. Elvi some Merino sliver 100% wool from the fleece artist in Nova Scotia.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Jean's 'spin in'

Last Tuesday 11 members and their spinning wheels joined Jean at her house.
'The new weaving dvd was so popular!'
Jean, Thank you.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Whats happening!

March Tuesday 16th 'spin in' at Jean's 10-2.
Monday 22nd 'knit in' at Gloria's 10-2.
Thursday 25th 'spin in' at Noelle 7-?.
Saturday 27th Kalamalka spin in 10-4pm.

April Monthly meeting Monday 12th 7.30pm
Saturday 24th 'spin in' at Harmonious Homestead and ewe noon-5pm.

Salmon Arm Fair
November Saturday 27th Christmas Show.

(please e mail any other dates of events that you would like posted thank you. Clare)

Show and Tell

Below a silk dress that belonged to Glenda's Aunt's sister. Beautiful detailed bead work. A fine cross stitch made by Gabrielle. To show just a few of the items.

March meeting

It was a larger turn out at the meeting last Monday. Great to see some members attend that have not been lately.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Minutes of the February Meeting

Minutes of the Shuswap Spinners and Weavers Feb. 1, 2010 17 members attended Judith welcomed everyone
Mona moved that the minutes of the Dec. 2009 meeting be adopted as printed. Noelle seconded.
Our thoughts were with Sara at the passing of her mother. Gabi will send a card.
Noelle presented the treasurer's report . Glenda seconded it.
There was discussion on changing the time of our meetings to perhaps an afternoon time or earlier in the evening. Judith will put it on the blog to be discussed at a later time.
Committee Reports:
a) Library- All fines except for one are paid up. New magazines - Knits, Handwoven, Vav and Spin-Off are in .
b) Equipment - Gullan used the mannequins for the loppett.
c) Historian- Wendy showed the new binder. If you have any articles please give them to Wendy.
d) Fibres Unlimited - weaving the salmon. Anne and Gabriele are putting a supplementary warp on for eight harnesses.
e) Workshop- Computer workshop Feb. 6, 2010 from 1-3pm at Melissa's - "How to sell on the internet". "How to sell on the internet".
f) Christmas Sale - Nov. 27,2010 Gudrun and Gudie will co-ordinate it. The theme is Christmas stockings.
Mona read a touching letter from Gerry Fluke about Kathy.
Sheep to Shawl- Letters have been sent out regarding the new rules and to check the blog. Letters sent to Kalamalka,Ponderosa, Monashee and Langley.No team is yet in place.
Ukanknits- knitting tit-bits for women in Mexico.
New Business:
1. Discussion of what to do if we receive NSF cheques.
2. Kalamalka Fun Day is March 27, 2010 Information is on the blog.
3. Heritage Days- Feb. 15-20,2010 at Piccadilly Mall- Bring your knitting , spinning, etc. We will have our Knit and Spin - Ins there.
4. Gudie talked about pluckyfluff call for submission for a giant skein of yarn in Norway. See
Meeting adjourlned
Next meeting March 1,2010
Show and Tell

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"The Magic of Linen"

The book "The Magic of Linen" is about to be re-released as a newly updated version in April 2010. I have been in touch with author Linda Heinrich and she generously provided me with all the revisions. Shuswap Guild members are invited to stop by my blog and read the details ahead of placing an order when the time comes.

Also, you can help spread the news about this soon to be released revision by simply telling other weavers that its coming out in April, or send the link to this post to your newsletter editors to share with others. Use this link here:

Many thanks, Susan Harvey

The Guild Room

Do you feel like there is someone lurking over your shoulders?
The guild mannequins enjoyed Darlene, Gabrielle and Anne's company for a few hours.
(posting from Gudie)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Come to the Fun Spin Day.

Kalamalka Weavers & Spinners
Invite you to our Annual 'FUN~SPIN DAY'
Saturday - March 27th, 2010 - 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
The Faith Baptist Church
3908 - 27th Street, Vernon, V1T 4X7
Happy New Year to everyone. Yes, it’’s time again to invite all you lovely ““crafty““ ladies (gentlemen are not excluded) to our annual Spin-In /Fun Day on Saturday,
March 27th .
As well as spinning, we encourage you to bring your knitting, sewing, "to finish" items or maybe you have an idea you would like to share with everyone.
There will be lots to see and share. Bring your show & tell, "shop 'til you drop", and of course, fun meeting up with friends. So please come and make this a real "Fun Day".
The cost for the day is $15.00, which includes lunch and all day refreshments. If you would like a commercial table the cost is $25.
If our long distance friends would like to come and need an overnight stop-over, we can offer some accommodation but please let us know in plenty of time.
If you have any queries phone me on 250-545-7819 250-545-7819 or e-mail at
Looking forward to seeing you all. J J
Send $15.00 or $25 for a commercial table by March 13th to:
Trixie Krogel, 173 L & A Cross Road, Vernon, V1B 3S1

Friday, January 1, 2010

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas break. Our next meeting and the first of the new year will be on Monday 4th January @ 7.30pm. Fibres unlimited will be in the afternoon.

December Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Shuswap Spinners and Weavers Dec.8,2009 18 members present.
Judith thanked Gudrun for hosting our potluck supper. She also extended a thank you to everyone for a beautiful Christmas sale.
Minutes of the November meeting were adopted as printed by Anne, Jean seconded. Carried.
Treasurer reported that we had our best Christmas sale to date. Gudrun had the highest sales. Saturday Nov. 27,2010 has been booked for the next sale.
The Sheep to Shawl as per e-mail vote was taken and it passed.
Spin-In Jan. 21 ( 7-9) at Anne's Knit-In Jan. 18 (10-2) at Judith's
Next meeting Jan. 2010. Melissa would like to host a workshop on marketing our products on the internet. More to follow in Jan. Meeting adjourned