Sunday, May 23, 2010

May Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Shuswap Spinners and Weavers May 3, 2010. 14 members present
1. Gabriele read the minutes of the April meeting. Sharon moved they be adopted as read, Mona seconded. Carried
2. Treasurer gave her report. Also "Vav" has been renewed for 2 yrs.
3. Library - new issues of "Vav" , "Spin-off" and "Handwoven" are in.
4. Fibres Unlimited - sign up if you wish to do the supplementary warp runner.Catherine and Gudrun are working on a shawl on the big loom.
5. Christmas Sale - Nov. 27 "Stockings "To quote Gudrun " weave, weave, weave......knit, knit, knit........etc" Posters are needed for the fairs.
6. Sheep to Shawl - still need a judge
7. Ukanknits at Mona's and Spin-In at Clare's : A wonderful time was had a both!!!!
8. ANWG Contribution- It was decided to make invitation size handmade paper with thrums. Gudie would teach us, and we would work in 2 groups. At the next meeting we will decide on times in the summer to get together.
9. Potluck Dinner- June 7 at 6:oopm at Elvi's
10. Spin-In May 11 at Gloria's from 10-2
11. Ukanknits- May 17 at Catherine's 10-2
12. IPE theme this year is "Beef".
13. Thank you to Catherine for doing double duty on the goodies for this meeting.
14. Program - "Our later works"
Meeting adjourned.