Thursday, May 6, 2010

Minutes of the April meeting

Minutes of the Shuswap Spinners and Weavers April 12,2010 22 members present
Judith called the meeting to order and welcomed a guest- Kyla Turner.
1. Minutes of the April meeting adopted a printed by Noelle, Gudrun seconded. Carried
2. Treasurer gave her report. Noelle moved that we re-new our subscription to "Va" (2 yr) . Anne seconded. Carried
3. Library- An on-going list of wish books to be posted on the bulletin board. Jean donated past copies of the "Bulletin" . They will be in a binder.Also she donated some "Thread" magazine - may be had for a donation to the guild.
4. Equipment - Everything is in except for one spinning wheel.
5. Clare is looking for news items.
6. Fibres Unlimited - Enough has been woven for 21 salmon.
7. Christmas Sale - No. 27 "Stockings"
8. Mona gave a report on ANWG. It will be on the blog. Donations are being sought for goodie bags for the conference in Portland in 2011.
9. Workshops- Marcia is looking at organizing a transparency workshop s- Marcia is looking at organizing a transparency workshop with Sharon in the fall.
10 Sheep to Shawl - Spinners - Catherine, Denice, Sara, Gloria, Noelle. Weaver - Marcia Michele will look after the tea.Fall Fair theme is locally produced, locally enjoyed. Melissa offered to do signage and Anne and Noelle will help. The handbooks needs to know the times of events.
11. Ukanknits - everyone welcome
12. Elvi moved that we purchase "Handwoven Pattern Directory " by Anne Dixon. Darlene seconded. Carried
13. Spin-In April 24 at Clare's 10 -
Ukanknits April 19 at Mona's 10-2
14. Progam - The Early Works
15. Show and Tell
Next meeting May 3