Friday, May 30, 2008

Burton Fall Fair

From Denice
Burton, on the Arrow Lakes, has an annual Fall Fair that is held in the town hall. This is a very small event that show-cases a few tables of local craft, and a few tables of garden flowers and vegetables.
We welcome all spinners and vendors to join us for a SPIN-IN at this event! Highlight: I WILL BE SHOWING SLIDES FROM 'WEAVE A REAL PEACE' from about 12:30-1:30.(These are slides of indigenous peoples around world working with fibre.)
The Fall Fair is held on: Saturday, Aug. 30th. 9-3 pm To submit an item for the fair (there will be spinning and a weaving categories) is $.50 per item up to $2. Items must be submitted 3-6 pm on Friday, August 29th. Entry Fee is $2 (waived if you have submitted an item for the fair) There are prizes of about $5 and less for !st, 2nd, and 3rd. (co-sponsored by the Columbia Basin Trust)
If you wish to be a vendor the cost is $5 per table.
The local United Church will be selling soup, sandwiches, coffee, tea, and desserts.
Burton has a beautiful, lakeside campground with showers. Swimming, boating, and fishing are enjoyed here. Do plan to join us with your spinning wheel, and/or loom!
For further information contact Denice.
Hope to see you in Burton (the community hall is one block away from the one general store that is on the Highway 6) on the August 29/30 weekend!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Monday 2nd June 6pm at Marcia's is the potluck supper. See 'ladies get out your diaries' below. Marcia has a plan and has asked that you not wear your best clothes and would you bring along an apron. Are we going to muck out the horses?? See you all there!

May 'Knit in'

Perhaps it was the wet, drizzly day that brought 11 happy knitters to Ann's 'knit in' yesterday. I think it was the biggest 'knit in' yet! Besides the cold day, the room was filled with the warmth of friends chatting and helping each other out with knitting problems There were a lot of busy hands as shown in the pictures.

Photo 1; Darlene was knitting a scarf out of bobble yarn.

Photo 2; Marcia was knitting a sweater out of ribbon yarn.

Photo 3; Wendy had some colourful 100% wool which she was knitting into a scarf diagonally.

Photo 4; Celia spins her own dogs' hair and is knitting it into a sweater.

Photo 5; Here is one of the mini knitted beaded handbags by Ann. She has a wonderful collection of them hanging from her mantle piece.

Photo 6;Mona has just returned from Olds, where she attended a class on beaded Kumihimo. She was caught in a blizzard on the #22 Highway and as you see she is still cold! The scarf is attached to a hat: great idea!

Besides knitting beaded bags Ann had been busy in her kitchen and had made a couple of salads and a rhubarb square to go along with our brown bagged lunches. Thank you for your hospitality.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

GI Tract comment

Hmm, this certainly illustrates the guts and innards of creativity!!!! Me think Dr. Jeannie Rosenberg has too much time on her hands. Judith

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Knitted GI Tract

My husband was reading the March-April issue of the Ramshorn a newsletter of food system analysis. He came across a picture of a knitted GI tract by Dr Jeannie Rosenberg. I could not clip the picture to show you but just click on this link

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Available place at spinning fine workshop.

I received the following e mail from Sharon
Hi Clare,
I contacted Noelle to see if there might have been anyone wishing to take the fine spinning workshop who might like to take my place. Could you please add it to the blog, or send out your fan-out style e-mail and let them know they could still be fit into this workshop. Between getting back from a big weekend in Alberta, and then having the FibreArts weekend, I'm really wondering about having a weekend at home, so if someone out there is bursting at the seams to get in, I'd be OK with giving up my spot. Please feel free to word it as you wish - I'd appreciate it. Many thanks.
This workshop was full so if you were thinking about it contact Noelle quick. Members or non-members may take part. Please click on older posts and find Spinfine Superfine workshop posted Feb 6th for more info' Clare

May Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Shuswap Spinners and Weavers May 5, 2008. 16 members present
1. Minutes of the April meeting adopted as printed by Noelle.Anne seconded.Carried
2. Treasurer gave her report
3. Reports
(a). Fall Fair - Noelle reported at the book should be out by middle to end of May.
(b). Workshops - 1. Sharon cancelled the Beyond the tea towel workshop 2. Silk painting July 9 at Gudrun's (10- )3. Fun Dyeing Day - Aug. 6 at Elvi's (9-)
(c). Library - new magazine in also Gabriele donated a dozen old Handwovens
(d). Program - May - the jacquard loom Gudrun. June - potluck at Marcia's
(e). Sheep to Shawl - Still need one more spinner. Judith has secured apurebred Australian Bond fleece.
4. New Business
1. June Potluck at Marcia's at 6 pm. The Guild Sisters Mug Exchange-Bring a mug to the June meeting, Choose an mug and design a coaster, mug bag or tea towel for it and bring it to the Christmas potluck.
2. Quilter's Show June 6-7. Sign up sheet circulated. Elvi offered to look after co-ordinating the booth.
3. Gloria suggested a guild room clean up and loom maintenance for Thursday June 12 at 10 am.
4. Spin-In - 1. May 20 at Anne's (7-9) 2. June 6-7 at the quilt show 3. June 16 (10- ) Spin with Mrs. Duddy (aka Sue Moret) atthe O'Keefe Ranch. Knit -In May 26 at Anne's (10-2)
Meeting adjourned by Elvi
Show and tell
Program - The jacquard loom by Gudrun
Don't forget items for the IPE chest to show at the June potluck

Jaquard Loom Program

Thank you Gudrun for telling us all about the Jaquard Loom. You learnt so much at College. Thank you for bringing in all your work you did there and sharing it with us.

Show and Tell

Gudie on her trip to Morocco brought a couple of beautiful handmade rugs pictured above.
Mona had needle felted over a blanket.
Wendy brought some spun Corriedale 'northern lights' with bamboo express. Also told us about her Firefighting along with photos. Brave lady!
Ann showed us her knitted beaded bracelets and purses.
Jean brought along samples of waterproof material for sewing jackets.
Gundun a woven scarf.
Catherine a Mobious and a alpaca/silk shawl.
Sharon teatowel.
Noelle socks and some Kumihimo made by Gabrielle.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Ladies get out your Diaries!

Tuesday 20th May 7pm 'Spin in' at Noelles'.

Monday 26th May 10am - 2pm 'Knit in' at Anns'.

Monday 2nd June 6pm Potluck at Marcias. If you would like to take part in the guild sister mug exchange, mentioned in the Post below, please bring your mug in a brown paper bag. Also bring your finished item for the chest. Thirdly food for supper!

Friday 6th and Saturday 7th June is the Quilt show. If you have anything to display or sell bring and come and Spin! For times or more info' please check with Elvi. Bring a Chair.

Thursday 12th June 10am Meeting at the Guild room to clean the Looms. Please bring your elbow grease! When the cleaning is finished everyone has decided to go out for Lunch.

Monday 16th June 10am 'Spin in' at O'Keefe Ranch. Sue has invited everyone to join her at the Log house where she is playing the part of Mrs Duddy the Nanny in about 1911. Please dress in Victorian clothes eg. long skirt, high collar shirt. Besides your Spinning wheel please bring your Lunch and a mug.

Wednesday 9th July 10am a Funday of Silk Painting of Warp at Gudruns'. Please sign up. Contact Gudrun for more info'.

Wednesday 6th August 9am 'Fun Dyeing Free For All Day' at Elvis'

Sunday, May 4, 2008

June Meeting Project

I have an idea.....albeit not original. The Vernon weavers have a small project planned for their wind up meeting and I think it is really cute. I asked them if we could steal it and they said sure. after all they stole it from another club.This is from their notes.

We are going to have a mug rug/tea towel exchange for next
Christmas. This is how it will work
a. You are to bring the mug to the June meeting in a brown paper bag and put it on the
b. Everyone who brings a mug gets to pick a bag and then you will
weave, knit, felt or do whatever fiber art construction to make either a set
of 4 mug rugs or a tea towel using the mug colours and style as the format
for your project.
c. At Christmas you will bring the mug and the completed mug rug set or
tea towel to the Christmas party and the owner will claim her mug and
respective project as her Christmas present.

What do you think? We can discuss it at our meeting. Think about it. Marcia

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