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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas Potluck

Our Christmas Party is Monday 7th December 4pm at Gudrun's house. We are having a potluck so please bring finger food and lots of good cheer! See you all there!

Christmas Sale Photos

Thursday, November 26, 2009

November Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Shuswap Spinners and Weavers Nov.2,2009 16 members present
Judith called the meeting to order and welcomed Denise from Burton.
Corrections to the Oct. 4, 2009 minutes were made- Marcia to be the workshop coordinator and the Spin-In was Oct.22 at Noelle's. Wendy moved that the minutes be adopted as printed and corrected.
Treasurer's report was given by Noelle. Judith submitted a bill for $25.98 for her work on "Magic in the Water ''. Carried.
Noelle received a thank you from the Fall Fair for our participation in the Sheep to Shawl and the Spinning proficiency.
Library: The inventory list went out as an e-mail. Thank you to Elvi and Darlene for doing a wonderful job on re-organizing our library. Darlene gave a brief overview on how it now works. Fines are $1/book/ magazine/video/month.
Equipment: Please check your stash and equipment for the missing bobbins. Who do the other 2 bobbins belong to?
Fibres Unlimited: Anne finished 2 blankets. Elvi is weaving on the fish warp and Anne and Gabriele are going to put on a supplementary warp.
Workshops: Marcia is looking at several options. In January workshop on knitting little bitty things and in May one on sewing handwovens. If you have any ideas please contact Marcia.
Christmas Sale : November 21 "Snowflakes" Posters and ads will be going up. Julia will play her harp. Bring goodies for the tea room-Anne and Mona to do the Tea Room. Set up will be at 8:00 am Saturday morning. Contact Gudie or Gudrun if you have any questions.
Ukanknits- 8 people attended Glenda's knit-in.Darlene talked about Mex Tits Bits knitting breast prosthesis for third world countries. See her for instructions.
ANWG: Denise is a board member and she encouraged the guild to apply for award/grants to help with workshops. Next year is a scholarship year.
Old Business :
1. Letters have been sent to Catherine, Leny and Marge that newsletters will no longer be mailed to them.
2. Sheep to ShawlMotion to present the three options presented at the last meeting by Darlene. Marcia seconded. A narrow margin (1 Vote) passed the Sheep to Shawl to continue with new rules. The new rule committee will consist of Marcia, Mona, Anne, Catherine, Judith and Darlene.
New Business:
1. More aprons to be made. Watch e-mail for time and place.
2. Mona moved that we purchase "The Intentional Spinner" by Judith Mackenzie. Noelle seconded. Carried
3. Spin-In : Nov. 24 ( 10-2) at Mona's
4. Potluck: Christmas Potluck Dec. 7 at Gudrun's at 4:00 pm. Please bring finger food.
Meeting adjourned.
Show and Tell

Rented Christmas

Sharon wrote: I wondered if you'd be so kind as to send a little blurb on the blog about the Christmas show I'm involved with at Asparagus Theatre here in Armstrong. (That's why I've missed the meetings so far this year) We're doing "Rented Christmas- the musical" which is a fun, family show with a very Christmassy, warm and fuzzy feel that everyone can enjoy. We open on November 25 and run til Dec 5 so you've got 10 chances to see it. I'd like to encourage the guild members to get a car pool going and come make it part of their holiday fun ( if you get a group of 10 or more, tickets are at a special rate.) I'll attach the little flyer with all the info on it or people can give me a call and leave a message (I'm almost never home these days!) so I can get back to them. Sharon

Tit Bits

Darlene wrote: A friend of mine Brenda is trying to get knitters to make these. Below is a little of the letter that appeared in Canadian Living, Oct issue. After losing a breast to cancer, Beryl Tsang could not find a comfortable prosthesis, so she knit her own. Soon other breast cancer survivors were asking for them, so she started up Tit Bits; Hand-knitted Breasts. I told Brenda that our knitting group might be interested in knitting some so she could give them out. She takes some to Mexico as you can imagine a lot of women there can not afford their own prosthesis. I have finished one and really it takes a bit to get started but if you can knit socks you can knit these. The knitting yarn they suggest I have included on the pattern. Give it a try. Thanks Darlene
(Please contact Darlene for a pattern. Clare)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dates to Remember.

Thursday 12th November Christmas Apron workbee at Judiths 1-4pm
Saturday 21th November Christmas Sale 10 - 4pm Set up 8am.
Tuesday 24th 'spin in' at Monas 10-2pm
Monday 7th December Potluck at Gudruns 4pm

(The sweater below was knit in garter stitch using double knitting yarn by Sirdar. The buttons are red Fire Engines)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Out of the guild membership of 40+ it took 7 members to have the largest vote for the decision to be made concerning the Sheep to Shawl. Sadly, it was a poor turnout for the Guilds meeting last Monday night. The Christmas Sale was also on the agenda. I wondered where everyone was.... I admit I went home at the coffee break not staying for the Show and Tell and Program. It was 9.30pm. I am getting too old to stay up that late!

For Sale

A Loom via Gudrun

Denice has the following for sale:
4 shaft, 6 treadle Leclerc Aristat Jack Floor Loom All set up and ready to weave on Tray on castle for tools Back beam folds in for storage 45 inches wide and 36 weavable inches Solid maple; Excellent condition Very versatile; sturdy for rug weaving and for fine threads Comes with extra heddles and two lease sticks $550 Sold

For Sale:1 White Shetland Ram Lamb and 1 White Shetland Ewe Lamb
These could be bred together They each have soft fleeces $100 each.
1 Older Moorit Coloured Shetland Ewe Gives twins each year $25 All are unpapered purebred shetlands.
Gorgeous White Angora Buck! He's longing for a mate! $150
Denice @ mcmechandenice@hotmail.com or 250 265-4366

Salmon Arm's Knitting Shop

On a sleety Monday morning 6 of us joined Glenda at her house for a few hours of knitting. After a good chat and lunch we followed Glenda, driving like a funeral procession, to Salmon Arm's knitting shop that none of us knew existed. The store sells mainly online but will open by appointment. There was a lot of choice of fibre and speciality novelty yarns. Check it out. http://www.woolneedlework.com
Their business card reads: WNW Wool Needlework Discounter
Phone (250) 832 -7766.
Large selection of Yarn, Needlework kits and Canvases, Needles, Latch Hook Kits and Supplies,
Paint by Number Kits and much more at low prices.

Christmas Aprons

Thursday 22nd October approx 12 members met at Judiths house to make our Christmas Aprons. We made a great team, measuring and cutting the material, sewing straps and pockets, pressing and then sewing the pieces together. Judith kept us supplied with tea, coffee and homebaked cookies. Then at lunchtime produced some delicious homemade tomato soup and bread, you spoilt us. Thank you Judith for the use of your home. Unfortunately we did not finish all the aprons so another workbee will be held tomorrow. Thursday 5th November at Judiths 1 -4pm.
The workbee will now be held Thursday 12 November 1-4pm at Judiths

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Looms for sale

Hi Judith, I have been contacted by Cindy Dixon who has a 45"- 4 shaft Le Clerc jack loom for sale - some assembly required - for about $200.00. Also, a Cherriville 60" loom for Free - needs to be assembled and there may be some question about wheather it is square. She lives on the corner of Canyon Rd. and ? Her phone # is 546-6084. These need to be gone by Nov. 1. WE have a new member who could be interested in the Le Clerc loom but needs to see it first. Suzanne has said that she can drop them off in her garage if she can get them to town. Thought that you might know someone at the SA guild who might be interested. Caryll (250-545-3392)

October 'Spin in'

Seven guild members joined Marcia at her house last Tuesday for a 'spin in'. It was good to see everyone after the summer break. Thank you Marcia for your hospitality. The apple flan was delicious.
Marcia telling her jokes and 'tall stories'!

Monday, October 19, 2009


Noelle would like to bring to your attention that the 'spin in' at her house is on this Thursday 22 not next Monday as written in the minutes. (see Post below minutes)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Workshop Update

We'd like to inform you all that Marcia now holds the office of "Workshop Coordinator." Thank you very much for that, Marcia!

It turns out that Marcia actually volunteered to do workshops at the meeting but neither myself nor Gabriele heard her. I guess that either means that Marcia is too sweet, too demure, and too soft-spoken, or we all talk too much, too loud, and too often!
Either way, we're very happy she has volunteered. Gabriele has inserted her name in the minutes to reflect the correction.

If anyone of you have any workshop wishes or ideas, please let Marcia know.

Thanks again, Marcia.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

October Meeting Minutes

Oct. 4,2009
18 members present
Welcome from Judith
Moment of silence for Kathy Fluke who passed away Sept. 27,2009
Guest/new member Sharon Thorbergson was welcomed
Thank you from Judith to everyone who helped with the Fall Fairs
Minutes of June meeting adopted by Mona, Gudie, seconded. Carried.
Library - Darlene and Elvi re-catalogued the library. We now have a new simplified system.eg. Weaving books are filed w1, w2........Spinning books - s1. s2......This will make it easy to re-file books. Library inventory list will be sent out as an e-mail at a later date.
Equipment - Bobbins are still missing. Elvi moved that 4 bobbins be purchased to replace the lost ones. Ann seconded. Carried Perhaps they could be coloured to easily keep track of them.
Programs - Oct. Inkle looms Nov. Spinning linen Dec. Potluck at Gudrun's
ANWG - Need a rep
Christmas Sale - Nov. 21 "Snowflakes" is the theme this year. Gudie showed posters that will distributed at the next meeting.
Nov. 1 - Display to go up in the library. See Gudrun .
Treasurer's Report:Catherine moved that we re-new subscription to "Knits". Ann seconded. Carried
Membership to ANWG ( $1/person) was re-newed.Talked about application for grants from ANWG Noelle moved that we pay Sharon for the yarn for the Sheep to Shawl.
New Business
1. Sheep to Shawl Discussion on the future of the Sheep to Shawl. Three options were presented and tabled to be voted on at the next meeting: Option 1. No Sheep to Shawl at all Option 2. Look at new rules for the competition Option 3. Replace the competition with a demonstration
2. Elections:1. ANWG representative - Mona2. Christmas Sale - Gudie and Gudrun
3. Programs - Gudrun
4. Blog - Clare
5. Equipment - Elvi
6. Workshop - Marcia
7. Library - Darlene
8. Secretary - Gabriele
9. Treasurer - Noelle
10. President - Judith
11. Vice President - Sharon
3. Elvi showed the beautiful shawl from the fair.
4. Wool Challenge for 2010 - Gudie talked about this challenge - Something made in wool in the olympic colours by June 15, 2010.
5. Spin -Ins : Oct. 20 10-2 at Marcia's Oct 26 7-9 at Noelle'sKnit - In Oct. 26 10-2 at Glenda Hughes
6. Show and Tell
7. Program - Gudrun showed her work on the inkle loom
8. Meeting adjourned.

Friday, October 9, 2009

October Spin and Knit ins!

Tuesday 20th October 'Spin in' at Marcias 10am -2pm
Thursday 22nd October 'Spin in' at Noelles 7pm -?

Monday 26th October 'Knit in' at Glendas 10am -2pm

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Alberta Conference 2010

For those of you who are wondering about the Alberta conference next year (2010) you may be interested in the following (jg)_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ HWSDA Conference 2010 Fibre Olympics June 4, 5 & 6, 2010 - Kings College, Edmonton 9125 50 Street, Edmonton, Alberta
The Edmonton Weavers Guild will be your hosts for the HWSDA 2010 Conference. They are excited, enthusiastic and geared up to host an event of Olympic proportions. You will not want to miss the 2010 HWSDA conference: Fibre Olympics.Pre-Conference - check back for the latest information!
Conference - June 4 - 6, 2009
King’s College has had some major renovations and additions since the Edmonton Weavers last hosted a HWSDA Conference. As well as the tower accommodations, there is now an apartment complex. There is also RV parking available without plug-ins or hook-ups.
Food: King’s College has a contract with a chef who provides wonderful, mouth-watering menus. Special diet requirements have been taken into consideration, plus healthy snacks for nutritional breaks and of course coffee will be available…
Vendors: The location for the Vendors will be in the huge gym, which is located right across from the cafeteria where many of the meals will be served. Along side the vendors will be the location for the FIBRE OLYMPIC CHALLENGES on Friday afternoon.
Fibre Olympic Challenges: Friday afternoon in the gym along side with the Vendors. IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY STARTED IT IS NOT TOO LATE, IT IS NEVER TOO LATE TO START GETTING YOUR FIBRE TEAM READY! START TRAINING FOR THE FIBRE OLYMPICS! Details in the next issue of Running Threads or keep checking thise website.
Instructors, Workshops and Seminars: We have had many wonderful, exciting proposals come our way. We have chosen what we believe is different, challenging and an interest to all levels of expertise. Now, you don’t think we will actually let it slip as to what will be offered? Contracts have not been finalized at this time of writing.
PRE-CONFERENCE: Exciting news just fresh from the HWSDA Executive meeting. No, we're not letting the cat out of the bag for sneak previews of our Instructor line-up... It has been decided to open the registration to non-members of HWSDA. Non-members of HWSDA are now able to register for the pre-conference only, but only after the early registration deadline. Okay all you HWSDA members, it is time to start promoting the wonderful pre-conference opportunities to your non-member fibre friends.
Juried Show: Please read the separate information below provided by the Juried Show Committee. Something new…Prizes for FIRST-TIMERS. For those of us who are not necessarily new with our fibre arts, but never have entered anything into the Juried Show – this is our year… The area for the Juried Show, Fibre Fair and Teacher’s Show will be in a large well-lit area. More room for wandering around in awe!
Fibre Fair: We have this big, well-lit room! It would be a shame not to have representation from Guilds or Groups of Fibre Friends. Get those creative juices flowing. Show all of us what you are made of….
Fashion Show: We felt the Fashion Show should be front and centre this year. The FASHION SHOW is taking on the runway Saturday evening after the banquet. As mentioned before, if you are runway shy, models will be available.
Keynote Speaker: She bubbles! She is funny! She has a wealth of knowledge! She will entertain you Sunday morning.
Conference Colours and Logo: In keeping with our theme of the 2010 Olympics, the colours are: bronze, silver, gold, white and black. Yes, “The” Olympic rings are five in number, but we cannot copy that logo…Jean Connor, our lovely logo creator, has designed three balls of fibre, bronze, silver and gold, coming from a spindle onto a bobbin.
Door Prizes: Still under discussion - watch for updates! Our intention is to include a conference schedule of events for the next issue of Running Threads. For conference updates, please check this website.
Juried Show - Your Personal BestIn keeping with the 2010 theme, “Fibre Olympics”, we invite all members to reach deep into your creative souls and come up with your “Personal Best” for the 2010 Juried Show. In addition to the usual categories, for which there will be three ribbons each, gold, silver and bronze, a single ribbon will be awarded for the best example of the following: Conference ThemeUse the Conference colours, gold, silver and bronze, as your focus or inspiration, either individually or in any combination. First Time Entrant If you have never entered a juried show, you are probably hiding talents that are worth seeing. Submit to any category and let us know this is your “first time” entering HWSDA’s juried show.You will still be eligible for any of the other categories. Awards will also be made for Best of Show, People’s Choice, HGA and Canadian Guild of Weavers Categories: Accessories (belts, hats, scarves, shawls, jewellery) ClothingRugs and Wall hangings Household items (tablecloths, napkins, runners, towels)Off-loom Work (baskets, jewellery)Yardage (2 metres minimum)Miniatures and toys Hand-spun skeins Hand-spun items Felted Items Hand-dyed items - Hand woven, Hand Spun or Felted top of page
All contents © Copyright 2009 Hand Weavers, Spinners & Dyers of Alberta

Monday, October 5, 2009

Shawl Progress

Photos from Sharon.

Teachers Exhibit

I thought I might like to share a picture I took this summer, my Teachers Exhibit piece at the Gibsons Landing Fibre Arts Festival in August. It is handwoven bamboo woven in Bronson lace and the summer top has an accent band of Bobbin Lace made from the same thread.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's meeting time!

The following is from Judith, who is wonderful at getting notes out before me just keeping us update e-mails etc.

Our new guild year is about to start. Just a reminder of our meeting October 5, 2009, 7:30 p.m. It's hard to believe that summer has passed us by.
As well, Fibres Unlimited will be meeting in the afternoon. Come at a time that is convenient for you. Everyone is welcome. There's some terrific weaving going on in the guild room. It seems our looms are busy (for the first time in years). As soon as one warp is woven off, something else goes on. Come and see what's going on! Don't forget, the group goes out for a nice supper before the meeting, which makes it a most enjoyable day.
We're hoping for a good turnout at the meeting. We have a very full agenda to discuss, sheep to shawl, Christmas sale, our new Library's wonderful facelift, plus elections, et cetera. We value your presence and your vote when we need to determine things. Our guild is only as good as you make it. Looking forward to seeing you all!

Don't forget your show and tell hopefully we will have time for it and I am sure there is a lot after the summer break!

Here is a scarf that I cannot show at the meeting as for sentimental reasons has gone to University. It is made from fleece from one of our Corridale ewes, which I dyed and then spun the roving with some Columbia ( the sheep we had in Manitoba) mill spun yarn that I had dyed years ago, it went together. The finished scarf was knitted on 12mm needles. So my son has a scarf from his sheep dyed, spun and knitted by his mother. C

Friday, September 25, 2009

Salmon Arm Sheep to Shawl Photos

Thank you very much Susan for the following link photoshare.shaw.ca/view/13970752283-1253158705-98940/139707

For Sale

45" LeClerc 4 harness loom, warped with multi-coloured wool for a blanket. No bench. Pd. $700. Hardly used. Call Marcia Beckner (250) 832-3534.

36" Leclerc floor loom. Cloth cutter machine. 13" loom 2 harness, 4 reeds 4/6/8/12 dent. Books, wool and weaving yarn. $450. Phone Mary Hannah (250)579-9805. (Kamloops) Judy (daughter)

Woolhouse table loom (Caroline) 8 shafts Leclerc 4 shaft loom (there can be four more shafts added.)
Books for sale. Reason for selling ill, if interested, please call Christine Kirtz, : (250) 869 0308, or email:ckirtz@shaw.ca.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ponderosa Weavers and Spinners Guild Spin in

Just a quick note to remind everyone that the Kelowna Guild will be having their regular annual spin in on OCTOBER 3, 2009, SATURDAY, 10 A.M. ST. THERESA'S CHURCH ON RUTLAND ROAD IN KELOWNA. Fee: $12
Please try to make plans to come if you can as this is a fund raiser for their guild. This is a wonderful day of companionship, inspiration, education, fun! and wonderful food! Oh, and I forgot . . .you can shop till you drop!!! (how could I forget that?)
I will be sending you out a map with directions, etc, on how to get there a little later when Kirsti Jarrett sends it to me. For our new members, if you think you'd like to join us, try to hook up with someone in your area and car pool. That makes it even more fun! (And, yes, ladies, if you don't have a spinning wheel, you can bring your knitting). As it's too late for us to collect the money ahead of time, could you please let Kirsti know by email that you plan to come and then just pay at the door when you arrive? This really helps them with the preparation of that fabulous lunch they give us. Kirsti's email address is sinden-jarrett@shaw.ca. (that's a hyphen in that address, not an underscore). Or you can phone her at 250-764-0767

Free Weaving Software

Noelle has just discovered an interesting weaving site. Click on the link below (Pikes Peak Weavers Guild). Click on the icon Weave Design and you can download a program free from there. This program lets you play around with threadings, treadlings, colours, etc. As well as being lots of fun, it eliminates doing those tedious drawdowns with graph paper and a pencil!http://www.pikespeakweavers.org/

IPE 2009

Display Table

Sale Table
Sale Table

Clare, Glenda and Judith.

Ann and Liz

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Linen Rugs

Someone expressed an interest in rugs to me so I am sending pictures of the linen rugs, very coarse and thick, that I saw on my trip. The first picture is from Grand Forks. The three pictures following are from Castlegar. They are very thick – I would not have wanted to weave that coarse a fabric but I guess they would wear well! I also was amazed at the colours in the rugs as well but couldn’t find out much about how they were dyed etc.
Anyway I hope the guild finds them interesting. Cheers. Jean

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Jean's Doukhobor Trip. Grand Forks Museum

The photos in this and next 2 posts are taken by Jean. Thank you.

Grand Forks Museum. Children were encouraged to feel various fleeces lined up in large containers in the hall to guess what animal they came from There were about ten jars I believe. They were also encouraged to try their hand at a loom set up for weaving a rag rug.


At Castlegar there was a communal house with wonderful exhibits. The last one being a wedding dress for a young woman. Fascinating place with a statue of Tolstoy in the garden. He was the Russian who helped this sect escape from religious persecution in Russia.