Sunday, December 21, 2008

Loom For Sale

45" Swedish Glimakra Loom 4 harness with bench and extras.
phone Lise for info.1-250-836-4896 SOLD

Monday, December 15, 2008

Truffle Mice Recipe

4 oz semisweet chocolate, melted
1/3 cup sour cream
1 cup fine chocolate wafer crumbs
1/3 cup icing sugar
Garnish gold or silver drages
slivered almonds
In bowl, combine chocolate and sour cream. Stir in the chocolate crumbs, mix well. Cover and refrigerate until firm about 1 hour. Roll scant tablespoonfuls of chocolate mixture into small balls slightly pointed at one`on waxpaper Insert dragees for eyes, almond slivers for ears and small bits of licorice for the tails. Refrigerate until firm about 2 hours
I got the recipe from Canadian Living
Merry Christmas Gabriele

ANWG Conference Booklets

I've left several copies of the ANWG conference booklets in the Guild room, if anyone is interested. Thanks, Noelle

Monday, December 8, 2008


Such a busy time of year for all of us; but hopefully you have all taken a quick look at the blog and seen some of the Christmas fun we had at our party. [thanks, Clare, for the always-great photographs and blog and Marcia for holding the party]. The mug exchange was so enjoyable; the food was wonderful; the laugher with friends was heartfelt and I did not see hide nor hair of a boring meeting bit anywhere. Thank you all for coming and for your contributions for the party and to the guild all year long. We all think our guild is pretty wonderful. However, the guild is a direct reflection of all of you. So please congratulate yourselves!

I know several of you are planning on going to the ANWG Conference in Spokane in 2009. The conference website information is now complete. All information is there for you to browse through. If you have a minute, grab a cup of coffee and take a peek. Remember we have a direct link to ANWG on our blog. Just click on it.
As always, our January meeting may be cancelled if the weather is bad. If the weather turns nasty, I will send an email cancelling the meeting. Maybe we will be lucky this year.

May all of you and your families have a wonderful holiday season and have the best of happiness and prosperity for the New Year.

Stay well and safe. Merry Christmas.


Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Party

What a FANTASTIC Christmas Party! Last Monday night 25 members descended into Marcia house with food, their mug exchange and a lot of good cheer! After a VERY short meeting we filled up with goodies that everyone had brought for the potluck supper,Yummy! Afterwards members claimed their mugs back accompanied with a knitted, woven, felted, bag, coasters or tea towel. Just lovely work and colours matched the mugs. What did we do next? was it the door prizes, fudge tasting or the party game by Julia which had everyone in tears of laughter. All good things come to an end and the party did. Thank you to all who made it such an successful evening. Marcia, Judith, Julia (game) Sharon (door prizes) Darcy ( sorry Marcia I like Chocolate!) and all the cooks!

The Mugs waiting to be claimed by their rightful owners.

Christmas Show and Tell

(The photos from the show and tell just would not behave themselves when I was downloading them on to this blog, so they are in separate posts below.)
You can just about see Micheles stain glass angel.

Julia with her locker hooking. Smart car seat covers!

Gudies collection of dyed rovings and yarn

Gail with her woven blanket

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Minutes of the November meeting

20 members present
1. Minutes of the Oct. meeting adopted as printed by Sharon. Carried
2. Treasurer's report - (a). Motio to pay Elvi for the shelving. Passed
(b). Renewal to Spin-Off. Passed
3. Reports - (a). Gudie and Shirley held a spinning workshop at Gloria's. 7 attended
(b). Sharon's workshop -Beyond the Basics slated for March 6-7,2009
(c). Library - 2 new magazines
(d).Arts Council - Gudie reported on her report to the Arts Council
(e). Thank you card from the Arts Council for helping at WOW concert
(f). Christmas Sale - Nov.22 from 10-4. Marcia and Elvi`to look after the advertising. Set up is 4pm
Nov.21. Meet at 3;30pm at community center. Anne and Gabriele to look after the kitchen. Remember to bring your goodies. Bring ornaments for the tree to donate. Sue, Anne and Gudie to look after the sandwich boards.
(g). Letter received from Harmonious Homestead about a possible Spin - In in the spring.
4. Rental Policy Discussion to both library and equipment rental policies. Mona` moved that the Guild accept the new policy as drafted by the committee and that the committee will set the fees. Sue seconded. Discussion amended motion carried. Anne will be the assistant equipment person.
New Business
1. Discussion on a membership package including a welcome, membership list, rental polcies for equipment and library, workshop policy, info on running the meeting, the Blog. Anne also suggested a buddy system.
2. Lots of hugs to Michele- her husband doing well after his heart attack.
3.Jean Halliwell has agreed to give a sewing demo on her coat course for six. Planning meeting at her home Nov.26 7-9
4. Mona presented Laura Fry's Manual Maagic in the Water - wet finishing handwovens. Motion made that this be purchased. Jean seconded. Carried This Manual is for reference use only.
5. Jean would like to donate a knitting machine. Thank you!!
6. Pot Luck De. 1 at Marcia's at 6 pm Remember the mug exchange.
7. Spin - In Nov. 11 10-2 at Gloria's Nov. 27 7-9 at Noelle's Knit - In Nov. 24 at Gabi's
8. Gudie showed the felted flowers for sale at the Christmas Sale.
9. Meeting adjourned by Gudie
Show and Tell