Thursday, November 26, 2009

November Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Shuswap Spinners and Weavers Nov.2,2009 16 members present
Judith called the meeting to order and welcomed Denise from Burton.
Corrections to the Oct. 4, 2009 minutes were made- Marcia to be the workshop coordinator and the Spin-In was Oct.22 at Noelle's. Wendy moved that the minutes be adopted as printed and corrected.
Treasurer's report was given by Noelle. Judith submitted a bill for $25.98 for her work on "Magic in the Water ''. Carried.
Noelle received a thank you from the Fall Fair for our participation in the Sheep to Shawl and the Spinning proficiency.
Library: The inventory list went out as an e-mail. Thank you to Elvi and Darlene for doing a wonderful job on re-organizing our library. Darlene gave a brief overview on how it now works. Fines are $1/book/ magazine/video/month.
Equipment: Please check your stash and equipment for the missing bobbins. Who do the other 2 bobbins belong to?
Fibres Unlimited: Anne finished 2 blankets. Elvi is weaving on the fish warp and Anne and Gabriele are going to put on a supplementary warp.
Workshops: Marcia is looking at several options. In January workshop on knitting little bitty things and in May one on sewing handwovens. If you have any ideas please contact Marcia.
Christmas Sale : November 21 "Snowflakes" Posters and ads will be going up. Julia will play her harp. Bring goodies for the tea room-Anne and Mona to do the Tea Room. Set up will be at 8:00 am Saturday morning. Contact Gudie or Gudrun if you have any questions.
Ukanknits- 8 people attended Glenda's knit-in.Darlene talked about Mex Tits Bits knitting breast prosthesis for third world countries. See her for instructions.
ANWG: Denise is a board member and she encouraged the guild to apply for award/grants to help with workshops. Next year is a scholarship year.
Old Business :
1. Letters have been sent to Catherine, Leny and Marge that newsletters will no longer be mailed to them.
2. Sheep to ShawlMotion to present the three options presented at the last meeting by Darlene. Marcia seconded. A narrow margin (1 Vote) passed the Sheep to Shawl to continue with new rules. The new rule committee will consist of Marcia, Mona, Anne, Catherine, Judith and Darlene.
New Business:
1. More aprons to be made. Watch e-mail for time and place.
2. Mona moved that we purchase "The Intentional Spinner" by Judith Mackenzie. Noelle seconded. Carried
3. Spin-In : Nov. 24 ( 10-2) at Mona's
4. Potluck: Christmas Potluck Dec. 7 at Gudrun's at 4:00 pm. Please bring finger food.
Meeting adjourned.
Show and Tell

Rented Christmas

Sharon wrote: I wondered if you'd be so kind as to send a little blurb on the blog about the Christmas show I'm involved with at Asparagus Theatre here in Armstrong. (That's why I've missed the meetings so far this year) We're doing "Rented Christmas- the musical" which is a fun, family show with a very Christmassy, warm and fuzzy feel that everyone can enjoy. We open on November 25 and run til Dec 5 so you've got 10 chances to see it. I'd like to encourage the guild members to get a car pool going and come make it part of their holiday fun ( if you get a group of 10 or more, tickets are at a special rate.) I'll attach the little flyer with all the info on it or people can give me a call and leave a message (I'm almost never home these days!) so I can get back to them. Sharon

Tit Bits

Darlene wrote: A friend of mine Brenda is trying to get knitters to make these. Below is a little of the letter that appeared in Canadian Living, Oct issue. After losing a breast to cancer, Beryl Tsang could not find a comfortable prosthesis, so she knit her own. Soon other breast cancer survivors were asking for them, so she started up Tit Bits; Hand-knitted Breasts. I told Brenda that our knitting group might be interested in knitting some so she could give them out. She takes some to Mexico as you can imagine a lot of women there can not afford their own prosthesis. I have finished one and really it takes a bit to get started but if you can knit socks you can knit these. The knitting yarn they suggest I have included on the pattern. Give it a try. Thanks Darlene
(Please contact Darlene for a pattern. Clare)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dates to Remember.

Thursday 12th November Christmas Apron workbee at Judiths 1-4pm
Saturday 21th November Christmas Sale 10 - 4pm Set up 8am.
Tuesday 24th 'spin in' at Monas 10-2pm
Monday 7th December Potluck at Gudruns 4pm

(The sweater below was knit in garter stitch using double knitting yarn by Sirdar. The buttons are red Fire Engines)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Out of the guild membership of 40+ it took 7 members to have the largest vote for the decision to be made concerning the Sheep to Shawl. Sadly, it was a poor turnout for the Guilds meeting last Monday night. The Christmas Sale was also on the agenda. I wondered where everyone was.... I admit I went home at the coffee break not staying for the Show and Tell and Program. It was 9.30pm. I am getting too old to stay up that late!

For Sale

A Loom via Gudrun

Denice has the following for sale:
4 shaft, 6 treadle Leclerc Aristat Jack Floor Loom All set up and ready to weave on Tray on castle for tools Back beam folds in for storage 45 inches wide and 36 weavable inches Solid maple; Excellent condition Very versatile; sturdy for rug weaving and for fine threads Comes with extra heddles and two lease sticks $550 Sold

For Sale:1 White Shetland Ram Lamb and 1 White Shetland Ewe Lamb
These could be bred together They each have soft fleeces $100 each.
1 Older Moorit Coloured Shetland Ewe Gives twins each year $25 All are unpapered purebred shetlands.
Gorgeous White Angora Buck! He's longing for a mate! $150
Denice @ or 250 265-4366

Salmon Arm's Knitting Shop

On a sleety Monday morning 6 of us joined Glenda at her house for a few hours of knitting. After a good chat and lunch we followed Glenda, driving like a funeral procession, to Salmon Arm's knitting shop that none of us knew existed. The store sells mainly online but will open by appointment. There was a lot of choice of fibre and speciality novelty yarns. Check it out.
Their business card reads: WNW Wool Needlework Discounter
Phone (250) 832 -7766.
Large selection of Yarn, Needlework kits and Canvases, Needles, Latch Hook Kits and Supplies,
Paint by Number Kits and much more at low prices.

Christmas Aprons

Thursday 22nd October approx 12 members met at Judiths house to make our Christmas Aprons. We made a great team, measuring and cutting the material, sewing straps and pockets, pressing and then sewing the pieces together. Judith kept us supplied with tea, coffee and homebaked cookies. Then at lunchtime produced some delicious homemade tomato soup and bread, you spoilt us. Thank you Judith for the use of your home. Unfortunately we did not finish all the aprons so another workbee will be held tomorrow. Thursday 5th November at Judiths 1 -4pm.
The workbee will now be held Thursday 12 November 1-4pm at Judiths